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Rlugh go of it..ended up 4 wisdom teeth and one cracked molar..and..a huge chunk of amalgam that a dentist long ago decided to make an entire tooth out upper molar..which cracked..then crumbled..then had has been chunking off and being me! Best part..its all on cat scan..mercury inflammation and abscessed, bubble at the base of this mobstrosity..which was literally jammed up in tooth..just a mercury chunk..squared off to look like a tooth!
That one will have to be addressed separately with a toxic gas extraction process..which is what that things been leaking into my body ever since it started breaking apart. There's a VERY GOOD possibility that this is a contributing factor, if not the cause of, my sudden autoimmune disorder..which began funny enough, shortly after that aamalgam chunk started to crumble and be swallowed.. I have all the signs and symptoms of mercurial poisoning..whixh set off the immunity system dysfunction ..slowly..over time..(1.5 years)..and now it's really showing itself..symptoms and cat scan to boot..which explains why western medicine wasn't was masking symptons at best..while Dr Zhao has been busy resetting my immunity system and detoxing it. But he was trying to find what he believes is a source..I can't wait to show him the cat scan pics "-) Dorris Wedding extra sized garments for wedding cases usage
Keep me in your body is in full reaction mode to the surgery and it's more than the usual multi teeth extraction..and amalgam mountain is still in there til the others heal a bit..and I'm strong enough for the next procedure..
So cracking a molar after the trip may be a blessing in disguise.. the amalgam and sinus blob were discovered..and it had wiped out all of the wisdom roots..
Looks like black laser scoring ..basically..mercury tissue death..
Words to the wise..and good luck getting a dentist who will admit it..mine does..and does the safe removal procedure...AMALGUM IS MERCURY..when it cracks..mercury has is released..over and over again..into YOUR BODY. And it CAN kill you..or make you VERY I'll with something that will (progressive MCTD?
..There are no safe levels for ingestion of mercury..just like other highly toxic gases and substances.
It was the cheap way to fill..or in my case..make a tooth! And I asked for ceramic.."oh no..this is far better..harder too.."
Who knew?
Peace..Love...and Education! I'm thinking the markets been getting away with murder for too it's the consumers turn to set the standards..starting with won't kill you or make you sick if you use it!! Duh!! "-)
Big hugs..high fives..and so much love!
Have a Happy Friday everyone!!