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Following a conversation earlier this week with a client about getting savvy on portion size I picked up these to illustrate how EASY it is to underestimate a portion and how many calories you are consuming without necessarily FEELING like you have eaten that much. Dorris Wedding gypsy usually used items to wear of the wedding

Dried Mango & whole Almonds - both classed as HEALTHY choices and as a single serving they are better than sweets or a bar or chocolate from a nutritional point of view

But HEALTHY does not equal = calories free!

Without out showing the top wih the number of servings printed, I asked how many portions did they think were in each pot.

1 potion for the Mango
2 or maybe slightly more for the Almonds

So thats what she thought.

I then asked would she class these as a meal or a snack?

A snack

Could you eat both of these?

Yes, maybe not all in one go but over an afternoon or evening.

Honest answers and may be you would agree?

Problem is the MANGO is 2 servings 194 kcal & the Almonds are 5 servings total 750 kcals!

Those two pots combined are a total of 944 kcal

So if you are trying to drop fat are averaging around 1500 kcak per day you can see that these 'healthy snacks' can be an issue.

These are what we call calorie dense foods, they are a great source of many nutrients BUT a portion is 28-30 grams

NOT a whole pot!

Get portion size savvy and dropping unwanted weight is much easier.

If you want FILLING power sweetness & crunch go for fibrous veggies like carrot, celery, cauliflower with hummus or baba ganush


Animal protein such as tinned tuna, turkey breast slices or a chicken thigh or two.

Save the dried fruit & nuts for a 'treat' and CHECK your portion size.

Vicky Midwood
Helping women take control of the eating, weight & lifestyle using simple strategies that work!