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We can learn so much from kids

This morning I was excited about talking to the Tauranga Smiths shoe staff about Wellness. Before the talk, I popped into a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee before my presentation. Sitting down I noticed all the adults were either alone, in small groups, on phones, or reading the paper. A mum was near the play area with an 18 month old boy who had just found a toy car. I observed the little boy's pure joy in his discovery, his eyes lit up, he then looked up, saw me and made a bee line towards me with the car held high eager to show me this awesome toy. In a crowded cafe with very little adult interaction, this was so refreshing to see. Imagine if we treated others like kids do. If every time we found something that sparked us up, filling us with joy, we approached total strangers to share and connect. Dorris Wedding wedding selections with long sleeve on sale

Let's not close our minds off to amazing things in the world, be open, and when we do discover them let's share it with others. Have a great week, try and see things with a fresh perspective, get sparked up, and connect.