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Nothing makes a woman less attractive like chasing a guy! It's a huge turn off! Men hate it, I mean genuine men. Users may like you because you are at their beck and call. If they say jump, you ask, "how high?" Stripping you naked is very easy for them and having sex with you is something they find very easy to achieve. You can't say no because you are the one chasing them and the fear of losing them made you have so many abortions you lost count!
No matter how madly you are in love with a guy, never show it, it cheapens you and gives the guy an edge. He can order you around, snob you, turn you into his slave and make fun of you, he will eventually dump you because he doesn't really value you.
Men like to chase the woman they admire, I mean REAL MEN. Some lazy guys don't like to find their wives. They have low self esteem and are too timid to approach a woman and marry her properly. These are not men, they are babies in trousers! I'm not talking about them.
Don't chase a man! Let him find you, chase you, date you, propose to you and marry you, it's your pride.
Some ladies are too desperate. They are the ones who walk upto a guy, greet him, flirt with him, show him all their "wifely qualities", visit him, buy him gifts, take him to lunch, start and end conversations, chat him up on all available social media, be quick to sleep with him and wonders why he dumps them. You are choking him! You've given him too much before he realizes what to do with you and you loses your appeal. We all want something we fight for, something that costs us a great deal not something cheap thrown on our laps!
Women don't respect desperate men, it turns them off. They like a man who is calm, cool, collected, well calculated, highly intelligent, rational, mysterious, enigmatic, deep, friendly yet not too forward, reserved yet not stand offish, shows interest yet not too available, busy, focused, stable, disciplined, mature and sensible. A desperate man is the opposite of the qualities listed above.
Listen ladies, even if God shows you loud and clear he is the man you are to marry, until he hears God himself and propose, don't give him any signal, that is desperation! The Bible says "He that findeth a wife..." let him find you for Gods sake, stop being the one chasing him. Please, show yourself some respect. Pray, tell God to speak to him and if you are very sure he is the one wait patiently for him even if it takes a donkey years for him to propose! I'm sick and tired of seeing ladies act stupid because "God" told them one cool guy is their future hubby and they've been "terrorising" the guy all over the places! DorrisWedding items for short brides to wear of the wedding
Be friendly with guys, be nice, be virtuous but don't be desperate. You get what I mean. Stop sitting beside him so he can notice you. Stop being the first to greet, send chats and visit him at home and office. Stop sending all manner of gifts. Stop introducing yourself to all his friends and family members, hey! What the hell do you think you are doing? What? Why?
Let's be friendly ladies but not desperate. It's okay to call your friend once in a while and ask how they are doing as long as you have no ulterior motive but if you are "disturbing" them because you want to marry them. You need serious counselling.
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