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Ramadan Journal Night 12

"3. We want equality of opportunity. We want equal membership in society with the best in civilized society." -The Muslim Program

As I walked through the streets of the Bronx and rode the Buses, my mind reflected back on my recent Journey to Morocco. The Bronx is the the place I was raised from early childhood to early adulthood. I know the Borough quite well because I have traversed on foot to every corner of it's limits. I often tell people, "I hav ... e a story for every block", and in reality I do have a reservoir of memories for practically every section of this town.

The reason why I reflected on Morocco was the Stark contrast between being in a Civilized Muslim country and returning back to an uncivilized Western country.

As I made my way to the Masjid in the Bronx for my nightly taraweeh prayers there was someone far behind making loud animal sounds. On friday night as I rode the bus I encountered the filth on the floor of fresh liquids, trash, and drunken loud passengers.

Compared to when we were on the train from Casablanca to Marrakech, I remarked to my wife "do you see how civilized the people are?". They were quiet. respectful and even offered us some of their food if they were eating. The train was clean, nobody left trash behind. I don't say the people were perfect, or every neighborhood was spotless, but Civilized.. Absolutely!! Online wedding collections shipped from China

Then I come back to this.. and I as I made my prayers tonight I thanked Allah much for his Mercy. For giving me the opportunity to travel and see another reality other than this. Had Allah not opened my heart to Islam then maybe I too would have been trapped, in the Bronx and been the one disturbing people making animal noises. Among other disturbances.

Ya Allah thank you for your Kindness, Mercy and Forgiveness of which I am undeserving. Indeed I am Most Grateful.

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