black wedding selections with lace

This morning, I came across a friend's post that was a bit disturbing. She is being harassed because her child is mixed- half black and half white. I grew up hearing racist things from certain family members when I was a little girl. I heard the "n" word. I was told we were not to worship with black people. I was told I was never to look a black man in the eyes because he would think I "liked" him. I was told that black women were not to shave their legs or they would lose th ... eir sanctification. You name it, I have heard it. When I look back on my childhood and see some of the disgusting things that I was told- it literally makes me sick to my stomach. Fortunately, I had a Momma that taught me that Jesus is color blind and that our souls are what truly count. As a grown woman, I am proud to say that some of my closest friends do not have the same skin pigmentation as me. We laugh, we cry, we celebrate. My Momma broke a generational curse that was in our family for many generations. She also made it her life's mission to open the eyes of our older family members and she prayed that God would change their hearts and souls. I thank God for the praying Momma that I have. Back to the subject- mixed children are beautiful- they are a symbol of looking beyond the outside and that two adults looked on the inside. Leave innocent children alone and love one another. The Lamb's Book of Life is not color coded at the gates of Heaven. black wedding selections with lace

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