budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50

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Remember I had paralyzed face disfigured 5 yrs ago, my mom coma brain bleed no speech memory as that paralyzed whole side all things as my face. Prayers all cones back. Keep time prayer in prayer room hospital,keep any prayer items on bed. Room too, u too can move body on side u watch exercises they do as 2 weeks goes by. Say reach ball, ask questions recall. Then puzzles like word search later but really prayer. Start with practising on a buggy walking railing than 3 pt cane than one cane. Also there treatment u can dip clot hot water dishes metal they do y cab ask rehab in hospital u can ask dishes. Dip 2 min cold hot alternating than end cold. Massage hand up fingers where swelling water comes out. They want go pre after. Use lotion to massage not hard gentle strokes like feather not push liquid in. ..high sugars stress cholesterol high pressure. Two these give stroke it sits there clot waiting explode, panic etc cab trigger it. But Prayer all comes back miracles. Be in prayer that's thing did it lots miracles happened with my mom, lots holy items we got at that time. Light came from statue red last day when I stopped exercise. Not my control budget-saving homecoming wear that is below 50