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What do they look at to make a diagnosis for cholestasis? Is it just the total bile acids being 10+ or do they look at the acids individually as well.
I was tested around 20 weeks and the Cholic acid was slightly elevated but the other 2 were less than 1. Normal is 2.8 and mine was 4.4, so the total bile acids were 4.4. They said it wasn't enough to make a diagnosis. I switched to unscented soap/laundry detergent and I rarely itched after that.
At 30.5 weeks I noticed it coming back mildly. I was going to mention it at my next appointment at 32 weeks (today). One night at 31.5 weeks, I just randomly started to itch all over. I couldn't stop and I couldn't sit still. I took one benedryl (which normally knocks me out) and was still itchy. I called l&d and one of the midwifes from the practice I see was there. She told me I could take another and come in the next day to pick up the lab slip to get retested. (I was still up for another 2 hours itching after taking 2 benedryl before I finally crashed.) I picked up the form and was told I had to fast so I did the labs Thursday morning. Liver function came back normal but we're still waiting for the results from the bile acids. casual and informal wedding wears look flapper
Since then, I've noticed some itching on my feet and the palms of my hands.
At this point, I don't know how it would be possible to not have it. This is a billion times worse than any itch I've ever had.
Any advice would be welcomed and if anyone has any suggestions on what else it could be if it isn't cholestasis, that would be great.