casual informal wears for bridesmaid

FQ:TMI warning here... i've never had early pregnancy symptoms so I could use some advice...

I started my period December 20th, had sex December 30th(it was at midnight so technically the 31st)

now i'm having a mix between creamy cm and egg white(i warned ya) and a couple of nights ago it felt like someone was poking my cervix with a needle. i've been craving bread(which is weird) and i have this metal taste in my mouth. every app i've looked at says that i ovulated around ... or on the 4th of January (my cycle is anywhere from 28 to 30 days)...

do you think im pregnant? when would be the right time to test? I'm all new to this..everytime I found out I was pregnant before was during a normal doctors visit and everything felt im kinda new to this even though im a mommy of 2. I feel kinda silly but id rather ask then just sit here and wonder casual informal wears for bridesmaid

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