casual items to wear of the wedding for the second time

I just want all the brides out there to know about Mandie Thompson Phatography in Atmore, Alabama. SHE IS AWFUL! There have been multiple interactions about getting my pictures delivered on time. It has been almost a year and I still do not have my edited pictures. I paid for engagement pictures, bridal pictures, wedding ceremony pictures, boudiour pictures and a boudior album that was supposed to be given to my husband as a wedding gift the day of the wedding. The boudiour album was supposed to be a hard black album with the words "For your eyes only" but I got a cheap album from dollar tree with some pictures put in the album sleaves. Before I set the date for the photo shoot I asked if there would be enough time for editing and to get the album in time for the wedding and I was told it would happen. I have all my messages from Mandie stating it would be there. It took me filing a small claims suit to get my album in the mail which finally arrived on May 31, 2016. My wedding was December 12, 2015. I tried to contact her many many times and all I got were excuses. In February I asked for my pictures and she said there were 2 holidays between my wedding and they were still processing and still in editing. In March I contacted her again and told her that I wanted my pictures and she said page forgot to send them out that they were being sent that Monday. She gave me 3 different tracking numbers and many excuses on why they hadn't arrived to my house. I have all the text messages to prove it. Again, Mandie had been contacted many times about these pictures. I FINALLY got my pictures sent to me on a jump drive the first week of April but none of them were edited. I got very blurry, grainy, unprofessional pictures. I dont even have any good pictures on me and my dad walking down the isle. My dad is sick and was diagnosed with cancer. Those pictures were very important to me. Most of the pictures have red eyes! Mandie kept giving me excuses and more excuses on why my pictures weren't ready yet. She kept saying that its held up in editing. But if it was held up in editing then WHY arent my pictures edited? When I contacted her and asked her why it took so long for me to get my pictures if they weren't edited, she gave me another excuse and said she must have copied the wrong file. Well that would have been ok if she would have sent me the edited pictures right away. I have since then contacted her at least 4-5 times and she has, again given me nothing but excuses. One of those excuses was blaming the postal service. The package was "stuck" in the box. I will never use her again and I will NEVER recommend her. My contract said that her and her husband (another photographer) would be at the wedding taking pictures but she brought her sister who has no license, was in training and was never mentioned to me before the wedding as her second photographer. They showed up to my very formal wedding wearing pajamas, or very casual printed leggings and brown t-shirts. I have pictures of what they wore. Even some of my gueats referred to them as "frick and frack" i was very embarrassed and so extremely disapointed in my awful pictures. And again... I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY PICTURES that were paid for over a year ago! As mentioned before, I filed a small claims suit at the end of April/beginning of May and won the suit but no payment or refund has been made. She hasn't reached out to me since. She owes me $1000.00. I hope everyone does their research before selecting this photographer. I met Mandie at a bridal expo (Samantha Jackson's Wedding Boot Camp). So again I stress please do your research! casual items to wear of the wedding for the second time