chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching

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Well basically, i came down woth a slight sore throat the last 2 days with a really runny nose althought the sore throat is no longer the runny nose is anyway.... it has all of a sudden today started to really really sting when i pee! (Cant get appointmemt with doc till next week) and after i pee i get horrid cramp type belly ache pains and feel sicky for a good 10 minutes afterwards. Ive googled it ajd the first thing that came up was early pregnanc chic wedding selections with ruffle or ruching ... y symptoms ive ordered some tests to see if its true ive also had really itchy breasts the last day or two and always have a funky taste in my mouth. I just wondered if anyone else had this in very very early days of pregnancy? Or if not anyone have any idea what it could be!

Thanks xjenx

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