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Complications of circumcision:

#1: Too much or too little foreskin removed. - There is no "cut here" line on the foreskin. Every single professional that performs these circumcisions are guesstimating where to cut. If too much foreskin is removed it can lead to tight, painful erections as an adult. Sometimes even causing tearing and bleeding upon erection in extreme cases. If not enough foreskin is removed the excess foreskin will "stick" back to the head of the penis causin ... g adhesions and skin bridges.

Adhesions are surprisingly common in circumcised boys, sadly the United States does not track statistics of a lot of complications that result from circumcisions (hummm....) so I can't give you an exact statistic, however feel free to google "adhesions in circumcised boys" and just look at all the forums filled with moms complaining about their sons adhesions, and revisions (re-circumcisions) that need to be done.

One study however did show "150 males seen over the past year at their first visit (to the author), 23 or 15 percent, of the circumcised males had penile adhesions and 5, or three percent, had to have surgical correction."

"A tight circumcision causes the erect penis to use all the available skin often stretching it to the point where it is taut and almost translucent. Insufficient skin to accommodate an erection can be uncomfortable or even painful because there is no free movement of the shaft skin. Further, some circumcised men have hair-bearing scrotal skin pulled two thirds or more of the way up the shaft of their erect penis." <--- (this is called Hairy Shaft, but I'm going to lump it in with this thread since is it a circumcision complication that is branched from a tight cut) designer collections for wedding in short…

"Hairy shaft
The shaft of the penis is normally hairless, but erection of a tightly circumcised penis can pull hairy scrotal skin on to the shaft, causing discomfort on intercourse."
It is extremely important to understand that this surgery is being performed on an UNDERDEVELOPED organ. No one knows how much the penis will grow during puberty. You might think "my son is circumcised and is absolutely fine", but you really aren't going to know about the complications that may arise until after puberty, during growth and development of the organ. Like breasts in young ladies and women, every body is different, and restricting the amount of skin the body has room to grow into is detrimental.

- Amanda

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