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"Does he sleep through the night?"
"I get asked this question all the time. It usually comes after how old is he and is he good baby. It makes me wonder if the single most important thing for a baby to do is to sleep through the night. My baby has just turned 1 and has never slept through. He is demand breastfed and we Bed-share. Sometimes he snuggles up to me for a feed twice a night, sometimes 20 times and do I mind? Not at all. Don't get me wrong, I work full time 55 hou ... rs a week and would love a solid 8 hours of sleep. But the way I see it is; I went without alcohol throughout my pregnancy, soft cheeses, soft serve icecream and all the rest. I made sure to exercise lightly and eat healthy. I took care of my body to enable it to create a healthy baby. Now that he is here doesn't mean my body can go back to what we had before- and I don't know that we will ever go back. My baby needs me. He is still learning to adjust to living earth side. He wants to be close to me all day and all night because for 9 months that was all he knew. He feeds for hunger, thirst, comfort, to fall asleep and one thousand other reasons. And I allow it because one day he wont need it, he wont need me. I chose to birth at home with a registered midwife because I trusted my body and my choices and I wanted to feel respected. I choose not to see the health nurses as often because I am sick and tired of being told how they think I need to parent. You can co-sleep/Bed-share safely and I strongly believe breastfeeding rates would be higher if more families knew this. For me, this is what demand feeding looks like every night. I wont allow anyone to tell me he's not a good baby or that I'm doing the wrong thing because this is OUR breastfeeding journey. Trust in your body and trust in your self." ~Tess Saker elegant wedding selections with lace sleeves

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