empire style wedding wears with high waist

As an Uber driver, my dad calls me a lot to tell me about his conversations in the car, today's really got me : a student in the back seat had mentioned how at his orientation they spoke about an actor in 13 Reasons Why who attended the school he will be starting as a freshman in, he mentioned the dedication, the talent, and the drive the actor had in high school. Of course, my dad let them know that the kid he was speaking of was his son... it melts my heart that the school ... that offered me so much at such a young age; technique, a vibrant education, a self-awareness, and an abundance of love is now able to say my name as an example of success. So proud to have gone to New World and to have so many friends who have gone and are making the world more beautiful... to the new student, if you read this, best of luck... make sure New World stays sacred and true to nurturing artists and beautiful people. And if they say I was a rebel, tell them so fuckin what ! empire style wedding wears with high waist
# bluehairdontcare thank you @papaflynn60 for making me smile

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