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Ineffective breathing pattern related to pain and fatigue evidenced by presence of abdominal pain and large of amount of fluid :
1-position patient with proper body alignment for optimal breathing pattern
2-Ensure that oxygen delivery system is applied to the patient
3-Encourage deep breathing to the patient
4-Evaluate appropriateness of inspiratory muscle training to improve conscious control of respiratory muscles ...
5-maintain a clear airway by encouraging patient to clear own secretion with effective coughing if secretion cannot be cleared ,suction as needed to clear secretion evening items to wear of the sexy pattern
6-provide reassurance and allay anxiety by staying with patient during acute episodes of respiratory distress
7-provide relaxation training as appropriate
8-use pain management as appropriate to allow for pain relief and the ability to deep breathe
9-Anticipate the need for intubation and mechanical ventilation if patient is unable to maintain edequate gas exchange with the present breathing pattern

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