gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

I was going through my chest of drawers and decided to pull out everything, rearrange, eliminate, etc. The very bottom drawer holds a wedding dress, trousseau dress, a suit with gloves and black clutch, 3 bridesmaid dresses, the wedding cake topper and the veil which belonged to my beloved, mother-in-law Millicent. They had been hastily stuffed in there after she died and I hadn't explored them too much since then. I laid out each dress one by one onto the bed and marveled at the incredible hand-made layers of sateen and beautiful satin, each dress was very unique. With amazing embellishments and style. All in perfect condition. Blue, a pale pink, and a light green. The wedding dress was gorgeous with little sequin pearls here and there and rows of covered buttons to close into little rounds of cloth both down the back and along the sleeves. She had a long train on the back of the dress. I can't imagine the time it took to do all those little buttons. Her veil had 2 rows of I think bakelike flowers. Inside the clutch purse were 2 little napkins: "Oral and Millicent Wood" printed in gold. Brian has told me that I can give them away, but I just can't after looking carefully at them. I tried to fit into the bridesmaid dresses and thought better of it. I'm small in my shoulders but these gals were definitely smaller in their upper torso. Millicent was tiny, so I knew better than to even think of trying on her dress. Somehow it didn't seem right anyway. I folded everything carefully and put them back into the drawer. Then I noticed there was a little white cloth bag that I hadn't seen before. Inside I found these little clothes with a note saying they had been Millicent's as a little girl. When I picked up the little hand made booties and nestled them into my hands is when I cried. gold sequin bridesmaid dresses

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