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Our Next is Mango, UNRIPE MANGO.

Just the same way UNRIPE plantain helps to combat ulcer etc, UNRIPE MANGO offers A lot more.
I remember finding lot of unripe mangoes inside a cab I boarded home, I was forced to question the cab driver about it and he laughed out loud and said he's gonna eat them, I know Asians eat almost anything and everything but why unripe MANGO? He replied back that he wants to have a good night with his wife that the fruit helps build up strength and good for s*X. performance. I smiled it off believing he was joking. Not until I noticed it again from kids playing around opposite my compound, again I wondered if this kids wanna also perform. So I asked my landlady who gave me the break down and I was like "wow". high quality trendy wedding collections in a low budget
Just peel the back and enjoy the MANGO with salt to give it taste or Better still honey and if u just wanna eat it like that then no problem.

**So with research and studies, I bring to u the Benefits of consuming unripe MANGO:

Being rich source of Vitamin C,it improves stamina and helps to fight against diseases like pile etc...

1. Eating mangoes regularly can keep cholesterol levels in check. The high vitamin C, pectin and fiber content present in mangoes helps lower cholesterol levels, especially the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides in the blood. At the same time, they help increase the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.

2. For pregnant women can eat this mangoes to help calm the intensity&minimises? the frequency of morning sickness. You will notice the total disappearance of morning sickness after regularly consuming raw mangoes.

3.If ever your stomach is unsettled, reach out for this mango as it helps cure the disorder, helps in the treatment of constipation. Also, mixing it with little honey and salt will aid in warding off gastrointestinal disorders.

4.This fruit is packed with large amounts of iron and helps the liver maintain its healthiness. A limited regular intake of raw mangoes will keep liver disorders at bay since it accelerates the secretion of bile acids and cleans the intestines of bacterial infections.

5. This mangoes help the body to increase immunity and resistance against a number of diseases and disorders. Tuberculosis, anaemia, cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, piles, chronic dyspepsia as well as various forms of cancer and cardiac diseases can be prevented with regular consumption of green mangoes.
They also reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

6. Amazing for your skin and are often used in face masks and scrubs. Being a great source of antioxidants, particularly vitamin C, mangoes help keep your skin healthy and glowing, can restore, rejuvenate and revive your skin as well as give it a beautiful shine. Mangoes can also reduce dark spots, blemishes and acne. To enjoy beautiful skin, do not throw away the skin after peeling a ripe mango. Rub the skin over your face, allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. This simple remedy will make your skin soft and blemish-free!.
(You can make your soaps with this).

7. Mangoes are also food for your eyes. The high amount of vitamin A present in mangoes is an important nutrient for eye health. Vitamin A promotes good eyesight and prevents various eye-related disorders like night blindness, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eyes, soft cornea and general ocular discomfort.

8. The anti-cancer compounds in mangoes effectively target and eliminate harmful cancer cells, without harming healthy, normal cells.

9. S*x ‘love fruit’, lol... Being a rich source of vitamin E, mangoes help regulate the s*x hormones and boost libido.
Plus, mangoes have magnesium and potassium, the essential nutrients required in the production of s*x hormones. Mangoes also boost histamine production in men, which is necessary to reach orgasm. Men and women with low libido should eat two to three servings of mangoes daily.

The basic protocol recommend by experts is as follows: Immediately upon waking in the morning, drink 1.50 litres of water, which is equivalent to 5-6 glasses of water. 2. Do not eat or drink anything else for 1 hour prior to and after drinking the water.