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Unlike other members of this list, legionella infects your airways and not your gut. Hot tubs — with that warm, steamy air we all just love — are a common place to get infected. Infection leads to one of two illnesses: Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever. Legionnaires’ is a form of pneumonia that tends to affect smokers, those over 50, and others with weak lungs or immune systems. The disease is serious, leading to severe coughing, fever, and shortness of breath, and requires antibiotic treatment. Pontiac fever is milder, and leads to a fever and muscle aches that usually subside without treatment. Only 5 percent of those exposed to legionella develop Legionnaire’s, while over 90 percent develop Pontiac fever. (recently discovered at Graceland) hippe styled items to wear if in a wedding

9 Legionnaires' disease cases connected to Graceland hotel Health officials say the number of people diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease in an outbreak at the hotel at Graceland has risen to nine.washingtonpost.com