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2007 - 2017
After the video tracing the first 25 yrs of our Makati boutique in 2007, this photo essay traces the next 10 years until now, 2017, the 35th year of our boutique.

In August 2008, my business-partner Rene Tiongco brought several of my Flores de Mayo Ternos over the years to New York for a special exhibit at the Phil. Consulate on 5th Ave with Phil. Ambassador to the UN, Hilarion Davide and his wife as guest of honors.
Previously in July, Ayala renovated Glorietta 1 ... , so we moved to Glorietta 5, formally opened in Dec.10, 2008 by Manila Bulletin's iconic Lifestyle Editor, Ethel Soliven Timbol assisted by Pangasinan Rep. Rachelle Arenas, daughter of Rosemarie Arenas. The inaugural fashion show (The Cocktail Hour) at the Glorietta 5 lobby, featured models parading cocktail dresses accompanied by live piano music. The boutique was our most elegant store with high ceiling that featured descending panels.

In February 2009, we mounted at the Glorietta 5 lobby a special bridal exhibit featuring my creations inspired by women in history, literature, opera, film, and Broadway musicals.
In October that year, we held a holiday collection show at the lobby, and the finale number, my "Bulaklak" inspired Jusi bridal gown was later exhibited at the Phil. Consulate in New York City. The following November, the "Bulaklak" gown participated in the charity-dinner show by the UN Ladies at the New York Botanical Garden.
In June 2010, I celebrated a milestone with a dinner-fashion show at the lobby of Glorietta 5.

When the Glorietta 1 renovation was completed, we transferred back to Glorietta 1 with an inaugural dinner-fashion show in November 12, 2012. It was also a milestone celebration for Rene, and for the 30th anniversary of our Makati boutique. In the senior years of our career, my business-partner and I have lessened our activities and have relied more on our loyal suppliers to support our boutique with the classic, simple, elegant clothes that our Edgar Allan brand have been known for in the last three and a half decades, and in the years more to come. To Gob be the glory! holiday cocktail dresses

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