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oral gonorrhea (also termed pharyngeal gonorrhea) is
defined as an STD infection of the pharynx with Gram-
negative coccal-shaped (round) bacteria named Neisseria
gonorrhoeae. Infection is acquired through direct contact
with white/yellowish pus-like fluid (also termed discharge or items to wear for the wedding which is under 500
exudates) containing N. gonorrhoeae bacteria from one sex
partner. This discharge is caused by N. gonorrhoeae
bacterium inflaming the local tissue. It mixes with a
person's vaginal fluids, seminal fluids, or mucus
membranes near the anus and rectum that come in contact
with another person's oral mucus membranes. The exudate
may not always be easy to see. The bacterial infection then
establishes itself in the pharynx and may be asymptomatic
(cause no symptoms), but can cause symptoms of sore
throat and discomfort when swallowing food. The affected
throat resembles a strep throat with redness and
occasionally may have some white spots or whitish/yellow
discharge. People who perform fellatio (oral contact with a
penis) are more likely to get oral gonorrhea than those who
do cunnilingus (oral contact with the vagina, clitoris). Men
who have sex with other men are the most likely to develop
oral gonorrhea
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