kids bridesmaid dresses

So I had my bridesmaid dress fitting for alterations before my sisters wedding next week. I have had nightmares over this dress for a few months. So I'll explain my story, I ordered my dress a size small on the hope that it would kick my bum into shape. I haven't really dieted as I've been busy and I like my grub, well I put my dress on nearly to the brink of tears. Not only did it fit but I had to have it taken in, that's right! Taken IN!!!! Bloody Nora I was almost crying for a different reason, one of happiness. So not only have I been to McDonald's with my kids and eaten what I want, been for family meals and everything in between and STILL lost weight. I'm not baffled but I am shocked at my results. If you need more info please inbox me, I'll be more than happy to help x x kids bridesmaid dresses