lilac style items to wear for maid of the bride

You are sharing the love of Jesus around the globe now in Jesus name amen. Dear God and friends i pray that I fight for these

- to have no anxiety
- to have no bleeding in my body
- to have no gas in chest/acid reflux
- to have no discomfort in my body
- to have no leakage around catheter
- to have no headache and no stomach ache
- to have no heart problems
- to have no swallowing problems
- to have no breathing problems
- to have reconciliation with family
- to have no guardian and my attorney and legal process work for this
- to have my attorney get visitation rights and speaking with my wife and daughter
- to have complete healing and tissue and skin in body
- to have no addiction to medicine
- to have full gums and enamel and no gaps on teeth and strong roots and no cavities
- to have no wrinkles and skin imperfections
- to have a lot of energy
- to have a fast metabolism
- to have no pain or pressure from my head to my toes
- to have no leaks in my bladder and it flows perfectly
- to have the stones,sediment and blockages in bladder broken up into nothing
-To have no constipation
-To be totally alert
-to have cartilage around knees and the knees aligned

all now with the love of God in Jesus name amen. I claim victory in all these areas now with the love of God and I PRAYED for you and please tell your friends too to pray for me! GIVE BLESSINGS ! lilac style items to wear for maid of the bride