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Spent the day with Robert M. Kavanagh yesterday while he trained some students on the unconventional 'neurological muscle testing'

Josh rosenthal had previously discussed this with me and to be honest, I didn't fully believe it was possible

Anyone who's struggling with the idea that their entire is made of light/electric, should look into this and experience it for themselves

Rob will explain it much better than I can of course, but the principle is that as energy travels through your body along different pathways. If there is a 'blockage' or site of trauma, previous or current then this will inhibit the body elsewhere long floor-length bridesmaid wears in black
For example: if I touch my jaw (where I am a trauma) with my left hand, I lose power in my right arm. Feeling this for yourself is very humbling, it's like having your arm switched off
I'm lead to believe this can travel across people too (if I hold my bad jaw, you can't use your right arm if my right hand is touching your left hand)
This also applies when rob introduces pictures such as straight lines and and crosses, as they send different messages to different part of the brain, turning them on and off (I hope I haven't butchered this rob)

The key point in all of this is rob goes layers deeper to find and rectify problems. I've had a dogey knee from a hyper extension 4 months ago that should have healed by now if running at my usual pace of healing.
Interestingly enough rob traced it back to emotional trauma from my dad dying and was able to switch the signalling 'on' and 'off' - I would have thought I was making this up if I wasn't there, but the pain was literally switched off

Rob's practice is unconventional, but robs interest in quantum health makes it all the more unconventional and in my opinion puts him streams ahead

I would certainly recommend looking into neurological muscle testing for yourself or get in touch with rob for more info, maybe he'll give you the slightly less butchered version.


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