long garments for homecoming useage to people

As a person who had her first child at 16. If you are sexually active get on birth control. I know it's not 100% effective (both my babies are proof pills fails) but you have a less chance of becoming pregnant and if you have an accident go to a pharmacy and buy a plan b pill. They are like $34.98 but it's much cheaper than raising a baby. I DO NOT regret having my baby Matthew (yes he's 5 but still a baby to me) I had an amazing support system from my family to friends who b ... abysat so I would work (shoutout to viri ?? ) and even school. But I see many girls who don't have the support system and at the end the one who suffers is the child. So seriously if your young and reading this get on birth control I know being a Mexican is hard because some parents would never allow it but I think you don't have to be 18 to get on it. And plan b can be bought at any age. So more than anything you should get on birth control because well kids who suffer is the saddest thing in the world. If you are not ready to have kids then use protection because it can and will happen to anyone. long garments for homecoming useage to people

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