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Abdominal separation is a regular part of pregnancy and usually returns to normal naturally within a few weeks post birth. Although crunches and sit ups while pregnant can exasperate the problem (and make it more difficult for abs to return to normal post-natal), it's important to keep the pelvic floor and core strong throughout pregnancy, without activating the rectus abdominis (6 pack). maternity prom items for pregnant brides

Here are a few exercises to preform while pregnant to keep that core strong:
-Fitball k ... egals 10x3; 5 sec holds
-Cat/Cow; 10x1
-Alternating Arm and Leg extensions while on all 4's; 30secs ea side
-Tick Tock knees bent; 20x1
-Fitball Pelvic tilts; 20x1
- Side plank with one knee on floor, drop hips to floor; 10 each side

Repeat daily for best results!

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