mature items to wear for brides of the wedding


Welcome to Adelaide Wedding Creations.
This group has been designed for past Brides, future Brides and Suppliers.

This group is designed to share your creations.

Past Brides, something that you designed personally, or had designed for you by a supplier, that may inspire future brides .

Your wedding WAS your creation :) So share your photos, be it your chosen dress, colour scheme, reception, ceremony anything, as you created it all!! It was your dream, your desire so share with us (3) Photos only per day..


Suppliers, pictures of your work that you created. This includes, purchases that you feel are very creative and pretty, ie) Wedding dresses and also for instance, make-up for a Bride that you are proud of, or an updo of hair..or if you are an Event Planner for instance, share a post about your day, and something you found that was creative.. No one is excluded.

You may post up to (3) pictures a day, but you must add what the picture is all about, ie) style created, flowers used, place where the picture was taken, or what it's made of and used for.


For new businesses growing, that are just starting out, a picture of your work, get known, get started...YOU are creative.

Future Brides have the opportunity if on a budget to see your work and ask you to be a part of your special day.

Once you have posted 1 - 3 pictures, on one of the pictures if you are a business you can link your page, so everyone knows who you are and what you created.


If you do happen to want to sell something as a Supplier that is "a special" You may post one a month on any day. This will need a heading " Special this week only" for Adelaide Wedding Creation brides"...


Post your creations of what you are doing at present, for your special day or what you have found that you love, after all you ARE creating your dream.

We are also going to create mini wedding fairs. Around Adelaide and ask the venues to put up a huge banner of the event at the front of their venue and date and what it's about.

They will include "Sales" past brides of wedding dresses, items for sale . Brides selling wedding dresses, you have the chance to wear it again and place a price on it, whilst you walk around the venue .. Items for sale will be also on trestle tables. A glass of bubbles handed out to everyone entering and off course, we will also include the venue and what it has to offer future brides. mature items to wear for brides of the wedding


We will be asking suppliers to participate in our mini fairs that are local or will travel to that venue. We will be asking the venue again to include huge banners and bubbles for the guests and will advertise also here.. There are a lot of venues that are budget orientated and we want to target those venues for our future brides.

If you only link your business and don't participate in showing off your creations, it will be deleted.

If you post more than 3 pictures in one day, all will be deleted.

This site is about creating, showing off your true talents, other peoples talents, helping budget orientated brides, showing new talent to Adelaide, showing new budget orientated venues to Adelaide Brides, showcasing past brides creations and helping you all sell yourselves and items to locals via mini fairs.

We are not about just posting your business page, rather showing creations and sharing who you are. And helping Brides of the future.

Welcome let's start and please everyone add your friends and businesses that were involved in your wedding to help this page grow.