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Samantha has a question for the group:

Hi. I have quite a few questions, as in new to the world of this problems. I am 29 years old and a proud mother to 5 beautiful children, my youngest being 2 months old. During my last pregnancy, my aunt, who is a nurse, pointed out that the thyroid area on my neck looked swollen and I needed to have my doc check it out. He ordered labs, and my tsh level was .04 and my free t4 was normal. He didn't pursue anymore tests until after I had ... my son. He believed it was my hcg hormone affecting it. Around 3-4 weeks ago, I was washing my face and neck, and noticed a really big lump on my right side of my thyroid. My doc sent me out for more labs, including blood work and ultrasound. My blood work came back that my tsh was .23 and my free t4 was 1.1. My ultrasound showed multiple subcentimeter thyroid nodules on both thyroids, the biggest measuring in the cm. The ultrasound office suggested getting a FNA biopsy of the thyroid. My questions are: mother of the bride or groom dresses with jackets
1. I'm terrified of needles!!! Does this procedure hurt. I know I'll be sore after, but during is what I'm worried about. :/
2. What does a low tsh level and normal t4 mean? Hypothyroid or hyperthyroid?
3. Could this still be an affect from the hcg hormone and be something that will go away, or is this likely to be something that stays with me?
4. I am also having bouts of sore throat and just had a massive headache today. My headaches started after I got pregnant, and stayed during pregnancy and stayed after. My sore throat started around the same time as when I discovered the lump. Could this be from the thyroid issues?
I still plan on asking my doctor, but my apt is a week away, and I need some answers now to put my anxiety to bed until then. :)

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