short wedding dresses

After last night, it is apparent that I have everyone's attention. Since certain people feel like they can be self-righteous critics about my marriage and relationship, I'd like to point out some facts. Just so everyone is on the same page:

1. We did not have a "real" wedding, as some of you have assumed. There was a total of 10 people there. All were family, no friends. My mom Eileen gave me away and my uncle married us. I found my dress off the sale rack for cheap. Everything else was handmade with love and my aunt Myra helped decorate and coordinate it all in time. I have always wanted something small, I am fortunate and lucky enough to have found a man who lets me have exactly what I dreamed of without complaint. It was just the way I wanted it.

2. I did not mean to intentionally hurt or personally offended anyone. If you feel/felt upset by one of the most natural decisions in life, let it hurt and be done with it. But don't text me expecting sympathy. It will not be given. There is not a single reason on this earth why I should explain my choices and defend my marriage.

3. A marriage ceremony is NOT about everyone else. Weddings have become such a huge spectacle. What favors to place, what types of food/drinks everyone will enjoy. How much a venue, florist or photographer is going to cost. It is purely and honestly about two people making a beautiful and selfless lifelong commitment to one another; in sickness and in health. We do not need to spend $30k hosting a wedding that is made for everyone else, except for ourselves. We would much rather use that for a house and future together. Again, our personal decision.

4. Social media is a disgrace; gossip is pathetic. If you have a question, ask me directly, don't go around to other people. Eventually, I will know what's being said and by who to whom. Yes it really happened; no it's not a joke. Love does not define age, gender or sexuality; love is love, selfless, raw and true. Just because I don't post about every waking minute of my life, does not mean it is not happening. It, also, does not mean you know everything about my life. I have seen too many people post about how "happy" they are when, in fact, they are not. Social media gives people the ability to make their life seem more than what it actually is. Put the phone down, enjoy life; know what kind of reality is surrounding you. Personally, I don't need to post about my happiness to prove to everyone that it is real; to make it easier for you to understand my adult decisions. short wedding dresses

5. I do not need to be in a relationship for 1 year, 4 years, or 8 years to match what society deems as "eligible" and "acceptable" to be married. I do not need to date a certain amount of men to know which one is THE one. I do not need to drink every weekend and go on 50 dates to know I am ready to settle down. I knew, from the moment I laid eyes on my husband that he was my lobster in life. If the timing of my relationship does not match your standards, I make no apologies for your societal conformity and negative outlook.

6. Anyone who has made a negative comment, has now made me realize who is there and who is not. You've made (what could've been) my guest list shorter and I can't thank you enough for that. I expected more from some of you, but thank you for proving to me your level of support.

7. I found my human, my soulmate, my best friend and lobster early in life. I get to spend years of my life growing, living and loving with the one person who supports, encourages and unconditionally loves me every moment of the day. Not many people get the opportunity this early on in life, yet, I do. Life is short and never guaranteed. So quite frankly, finding my husband is a blessing. I get to spend my life as Mrs. Guillemin and I think that's pretty fucking rad.