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Deep Treatment No: 1
Eggs are high in protein, which is what hair is made out of, so it's only natural that eggs would be an excellent source for deep treatments.
1. In a bowl, mix two eggs yolks, two teaspoons olive oil, and 1/8 cup of water. Mix until the solution is fully balanced. Depending on how much hair you have, you may want to use more or less. steam punk gothic wears for prom party
2. Apply mixture to hair after shampooing, while hair is still damp, not wet. Let stand for 15 minutes. ...
3. Rinse with warm water. (Hot water may give you scrambled eggs!)

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DIY: Egg Yolk Hair Mask! Steps: 1). Take one or two egg yolks and put them in a bowl. (you can either sift the egg whites out like i did, or you can choose to do it another way) 2).