wedding apparels specially for women over 40

So today at work Matt and I were talking about tuna fish cuz we both agree ITS FKG DELICIOUS!

Me: yeah, but i always remembered my mom telling me that you could die of magnesium poisoning if you consume too much tuna.

Matt: yeah thats true.


Matt: .....wait, did you just say Magnesium poisoning?!?!?! Do you mean....Mercury???? Hahahahaha

Me: yeah, hahaha thats what i meant.

Matt: (yelling to our boss) Hey, brian....Steph came up with a new could DIE of a magnesium overdose in tuna.....

They both start laughing, im laughing, the goat was laughing it was a good day today at work, glad i can make people still laugh by just being me, pretty slow me, but still me. Lol wedding apparels specially for women over 40

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