yellow color wear for mother of the bride



U are all invited to my senior sister's Daughter's wedding ceremony...

Color of the day:
Guava green with a touch of ginger red.

Bride's family to wear guinea-corn brown with custard yellow.

Groom's family: combination of jollof yellow with egg white using akara gold as fila and gele, headgear.

Friends of groom's mother: coconut white with a touch of moi moi yellow on cabbage green headgear.

Guest should wear kponmo brown with a touch of onion purple and mango yellow!

Onion purple with dodo ikire brown for friends of bride

Friends of bride's mother to wear bitter-leaf green headgear on sunflower yellow with a touch of tatashe red. yellow color wear for mother of the bride

Those who do not receive a wedding invitation can wear Ewedu green with MTN yellow. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

See you after d wedding ? ? ? ?